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If you are sleeping rough or are concerned about someone who is, please get in touch with Open Door on 01727 859113 or visit

There is also an option to drop into Open Door, 2.30-4pm on weekdays

Two Dine-in Services now being provided to cover breakfast and dinner


Mornings: We have returned to our original location at 2A Spicer Street to provide a hot breakfast between 10.30-12 (no meals served after 11.30am), Monday to Friday.

​Evenings: In parallel, we are continuing to provide a hot evening meal from the Salvation Army at the Citadel (16-18 Victoria Street). We are open Sunday to Thursday, 7.30pm-8pm.

*on certain days, this will revert to a take-away service when the full facilities at the Citadel cannot be used. We will provide notice of these days in advance on our notice board.


We are actively recruiting new volunteers to help us continue to run our service


Ways in which you can help

We are hugely grateful for any donations that are made to support the provision of our services. We use JustGiving as our platform to collect these donations.

If you would like to setup your own event or support one of the events that we are part of, such as the annual St Albans SleepOut, we would welcome any donations raised and would love to know how we could help you.

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